The Dalumi Group


Philosophy & Beliefs

Dalumi is focused on continuing its global presence in the evolving diamond market, using inventiveness and skills passed down in the family from its foundation. Our friendship and togetherness have kept us together as a united family, with mutual respect defining our work and our relationships with employees, suppliers, clients, and also amongst ourselves. Honesty and integrity, personal responsibility and professionalism, teamwork and co-operation, and most of all excellence, make Dalumi a market-oriented company, focused on tomorrow’s products as well as today’s customers. We truly look forward to the challenges ahead, while maintaining the Dalumi spirit in all our endeavors.

Mission and Vision

Our mission, which we adhere to daily, is to maintain and enhance our role as a leading global diamond and jewelry company, operating through all the stages from rough to polished diamonds and onward to the designing and manufacturing of fine diamond jewelry.
We make every effort to be the first choice of our strategic customers, and aim to continue our profitable growth while maintaining a personalized touch and consumer-focused approach.
We are committed to providing our diamond customers with a constant supply of polished diamonds, inspired concepts and quality manufacturing, in addition to a full range of support services that enable them to attain a competitive edge in their particular markets. As for our jewelry customers, we promise a comprehensive range of solutions that include inspirational concepts and designs and state-of-the-art communication materials, all of which are the result of quality manufacturing and attention to the tiniest details.