Diamond Division

Directly from the Source
Within the diamond industry, the term “De Beers Group of companies’ Sightholder ” carries an unmistakable assurance of excellence, and a promise of the highest reputation for supplying natural, conflict-free diamonds. With two rough diamond locations in London and Botswana, we are assured a stable, significant supply all-year-round. As a De Beers Group of companies’ Sightholder, we are committed to De Beers’s Best Practice Principles and the Kimberly Process. We only trade in natural diamonds that are ultimately used in all of our jewelry collections.

Our Diamonds
We offer a dependable variety of diamonds all- year-round at stable price structures. We carry round and fancy shapes (mainly emerald, oval and princess) in more than 5,000 diamond assortments that are used to create specific and homogenous parcels. Most of the diamonds we produce are 0.1ct – 5 ct, in F-M colors with some fancy yellow diamonds and in VVS – I1 clarities. We also offer special diamond parcels created for large retailers, based on attractive price points. Our ability to create customized diamond parcels tailored to client requests is one of our outstanding advantages.