Swana Diamonds

The Swana Diamond is a patented unique cut featuring 89 facets displaying a perfect eight-pointed star in the heart of the diamond, revealing the indescribable brilliance and internal fire. Swana diamonds are inspired by and cut and polished in Botswana by a selected group of skillful experts. Every Swana diamond is etched by laser with the Swana logo and its certificate number. An IGI certificate, bearing the Botswana Stamp (a mark of quality signifying both high quality workmanship and high ethical values) also accompanies every the Dalumi spirit in all our endeavors.


Golden Diamonds

Dalumi has developed during the past 20 years, a specialization in manufacturing and selling the entire spectrum of Yellow Diamonds. With this unrivaled experience in enhancing their beauty through manufacturing and setting we have created the Golden Diamonds Collection – a luxury brand of 100% natural yellow diamonds.